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Buzzaround Lite
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New!!! 2007 Model Buzzaround Lite GB-106

Golden Technologies is proud to introduce the newest scooter in its Buzzaround series, the all-new 2007 Buzzaround Lite scooter, model GB-106.

The GB-106 is the next generation of compact travel scooters under the Buzzaround brand. This new model has many features that differentiate it from other scooters in the Buzzaround line, including: easy three-step disassembly - simply pop off the seat, pull off the battery pack and push the frame apart; the most advanced wireless connector system for easy frame disassembly/assembly; and the most torque of any scooter in its class.

The GB-106 has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. and a top speed of 4 mph. Each unit comes with three sets of quick-snap shroud panels in Vermillion Red, Arctic Blue, and Sahara (see color samples below) for easy color changes and features cut pile auto-grade carpet on the floor. The new Buzzaround Lite features a larger, more comfortable seat and armrests not found on other scooters in this class


Ultra-compact, stylish and easy to operate!
The most torque of any scooter in its class
The most advanced wireless connector system for easy disassembly/assembly - no wires to worry about!
Disassembles in three easy steps: pop off the seat, pull out the battery pack, and push the frame apart!
Disassembles into five pieces for easy transport - fits in virtually any trunk!
Comes with three complete sets of gorgeous, quick-snap shroud colors in Red, Blue and Sahara!
Standard with a larger, more comfortable seat with enhanced armrests
Flip-up armrests for easy transfer
Cut pile, auto grade carpet on the floor
250 lb. weight capacity
Maximum speed 4 mph



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